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Social media is the most recent platform to get clients and potential customers to become aware of your products and services. What professional marketers do when they get such an order is to work backward when creating a new strategy for social media. First of all, you should look at the consumer’s eye, then to the products needs and desires than to the client’s requirements.  When they look at these factors, they not only consider the success in the whole process but also on the return on the investment success of the entire marketing campaign. By reviewing these factors, it is evident today more and more people are moving away from the traditional marketing methods like the mass advertisement to the social media platform because this is where the majority of the customers can be found at any one time. Even though this is the case, it can be noticed that there are still some companies that are shying away from the modern marketing methods and are still stuck on the traditional methods which are quickly being outdated.

There is no hard or first rule when it comes to the social media marketing campaign. This will depend on very many multiple factors if there was to be a calendar. One of them which is most important is the client’s needs which have been crafted depending on the products and services that they are selling. If the products are supposed to be used in the winter period, then the marketing program should start just before the snow falls and should continue during the cold season until it is over. The marketing manager might also have some other marketing campaigns that are going on concurrently which might hinder them from having enough time to run an effective marketing campaign.

People in sales and marketing do have an understanding that LinkedIn is for B2B marketing design (Business to Business) while  Facebook is for B2C (business to consumer) contact but It’s the latter that is rather scary. Recently research on some companies Facebook page who deal directly with customers is frightening on how they spend a lot money and time on Van and search engine optimization Los Angeles, extensive marketing material and totally are unaware that a lot of their market niche (13-40 year olds) use the new social media as their focal point of contact when they are dealing with everyday choices such as clothes and footwear to achieve acceptance and individualism, decoration and insulation ideas for their homes, party ideas like venues, events, dress, transport, etc. hair and cosmetic products and many other items. The market uses Facebook as their social organizer, calendar and as a peer so that therefore to get their attention you need to look marketing from their point of view. It is important to remember that Social Media is now the first point of contact for many potential customers or a client so investing resources in it is more than just having a page.

All social media are buzz words by the minute but is it a fad or should all website have some sort of Social Media in place? The simple answer is yes. However while it is advisable that one put time into planning their social media it is strongly recommended not to waste time implementing it. Social Media is a tool and should only be used as one. The majority of your time and of your staff should still be used in productivity at work that earns you money but if implemented successfully, SMM can drive traffic to sales. The only back side would be if the staffs are spending most of their time on social media instead of concentrating on the most important production functions and it can be even worse if they spend it on the most productive hours of the day.

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