Sport Fishing Rules And Regulation In Costa Rica


Sport fishing is a leisure activity which involves catching fish for fun. The sport is quite popular especially in Costa Rica because of its many water sources. This has therefore placed Costa Rica in the world map as a top spot tourist destination. The sport is also done for competition purposes by measuring their weight, species and size. After the score are taken, the fish are released back into the waters although fishers can eat them. The sport just like other sports, is governed by its own rules and regulations. The fishing regulations are governed by the international game fishing association which oversees that every rule that is put in place is followed to the later.  Below are some of these regulations that when you are going for sport fishing, you should consider and observe. They include.

No use of hooks or nets

The number one rule that you should observe while participating in sport fishing in Costa Rica, is not use hooks or nets when fishing. You should understand that the purpose of participating in sport fishing is having fun and a good time and not for culinary purposes. Therefore, you should never kill the fish or harm it in any way. Hooks and nets kills the fish or injures it which is not the full purpose of sport fishing. Therefore, the use of hooks or nets is prohibited in sport fishing. What you should use is a rod and reel specifically made for sport fishing.

Release fish to the water after

where to sport fish in Costa Rica You will notice that during sport fishing, large quantities of fish are caught as fishers try to outdo each other and be crowned the best sport fishing of all time. However, the fish caught are not in any way meant to be sold or for culinary purposes. To cap it off, sport fishers in the course of the sport, captures species of fish which are very rare and within distinction. Therefore, the international game fishing association has outlined that after the game all the fish should be released back into the waters. This is to ensure that the game doesn’t harm the fish in any way or their population. However, taking home a few fish to eat is not prohibited.

No drunk sport fishing

Another law that you should adhere when participating in sport fishing not only in Costa Rica but also in any part of the world, is that you should never participate in the game while drunk. This is specifically made for your own safety. When drunk, you have no ability to make right and concise decisions, and therefore you can drown very easily. Therefore, no drinks are involved during the game.